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Apples to Oranges…

For those of you old enough to remember television’s “Thirty Something,” the lead characters worked together as creative directors in a cool Advertising Agency in San Francisco.  Soaring ceilings, exposed brick and a pool table in the CEO’s office. As I look out from my office at our 40 foot bowtruss ceilings, exposed beams, weathered

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A peek behind the veil……

So, you say you hate telemarketing calls, the ones that seem to come in bunches all day long. You know it’s those blasted telemarketers because you can see those strange area codes show up on your caller ID one after another, adding up, until eventually there might be fifteen calls from the same area code over a week’s time. Sure, it’s not always the exact same number but it’s always that same foreign area code from places you know you don’t have any friends or relatives.

Don’t Be a Hater……..

If asked you’d be hard pressed to find anyone willing to admit to liking telemarketing even when the call you pick up is on behalf of a favorite charity. Even those of us who do telephone fundraising rarely admit what we do in public.   In front of the mirror in our bathrooms, we cite statistics about the

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Primary Color